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Lion KingMagazine is very interesting, inspiring and entertaining
Similoluwa Oluwatomisin
I love everything about this Lion King
Joel Osevwerha
Dear editor,
The writings below express few concerns regarding past issues
of the in-house Lion King magazine.
To go straight to the point, articles related to interviews,
business and lifestyle are interesting and eye-catching. But, as
an in-house publication of UBA, the content should be at least
up to 80 percent relevant to subsidiaries, means having more
local content from each country.
Usually, we just enjoy watching (literally staring at quality)
pictures and turning pages without taking a deep look at
This is to say that we need to ensure appearance of up
to 80-90 percent of UBA subsidiaries related content,
highlighting countries and culture much more.
Furthermore, can you please include more management
lessons related to UBA products and services in order to catch
staff attention and emphasize on UBA DNA.
Thank you.
Peghuy Lobo Kayembe
Congo DRC
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The Lion King
• July - September 2017
Letters to
the Editor
Dear editor,
I write with great pleasure regarding the ‘Lion king
magazine’. I am pleased to let you know that every
edition of this magazine has shown a substantial
enthralment in the lives of Africans.
It is of great credit to give high recognition to other
African countries; which shows the extent of esteem to
our indispensable African continent.
A review of our cultural and economic perspective of
what proceeds from Africa shows that this magazine
has become a great contributor in the prosperity
of Africa. This magazine has definitely shown a
substantial prospective in conveying the perception of
our dear continent.
Although LKM has shown a lot of growth, it could
do less with showcasing of the events and more of
interaction with the people who are involved in the
event; to hear their views. It could capture the attention
of all the readers of the magazine, if some illustrations
could be shown more in some of the articles being
The fashion aspect of the magazine could be
emphasised a lot more, since people love fashion.
Apart from that, this form of entertainment would to a
large extent win the hearts of all Africans by giving us
an extensive philosophy of the United Bank for Africa,
and what they are all about.
Fatima Mohammed
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