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July - September 2017 •
The Lion King
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Have a winning strategy and
focus on it
The best thing about start-up business-
es is their willingness to pursue plans.
They would give their all, for the plan
to work perfectly but as soon as they
face a hitch, some will waver, and
start looking to approach the process
Every start-up business works on and
around a planned strategy, the
approach of entrepreneurs might be
a little different, but it is important for
them to stick to the chosen approach.
Changing an approach too soon may
likely lead to confusion and rather
than solve the problem, it may leave
one dangling between two possible
paths of solution with no end in sight.
Such fickle-mindedness speaks about
the level of preparedness on the part
of the entrepreneur, and means that
the business owner did not do proper
homework before jumping into the
Changing methods too soon will ham-
per growth, because you will have to
start learning about the new meth-
od before implementing it. Give your
methods some time, or put in some
more effort and you might get the
results you want.
Perseverance is very important to
ensure the successful running of a
business. It is simply a conscious persis-
tent determination. It involves regularly
evaluating each one of your goals
and actions deciding whether or not
you should keep going.
In Nigeria, many people who give up
in business will always have one or two
things to put the blame on.
Although, everyone is aware of the
economy which does not make doing
business an easy feat, there are issues
with multiple tax, that many people try
to evade at every opportunity, elec-
tricity and finding the right personnel
to work with.
To overcome this, you need to view
the world as one full of endless pos-
sibilities. Once you are pursuing your
heart’s true desire, smart persever-
ance takes care of itself. You will be
naturally motivated to pursue your
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