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The Lion King
• July - September 2017
formulated strategy is transformed
into concrete and tangible outcomes.
Flawless execution at UBA is therefore
the disciplined and logical step/
approach needed to get things done
in good time. It involves following up
and following through on every aspect
of a planned task or responsibility until
the ultimate Customer receives the
desired value.
Every organisation plans and plans but
their success depends on the ability to
convert such plans into reality. Flawless
execution therefore constantly tracks
deliverables in a progressive manner
until the last person on the chain of
service is delighted.
In order to achieve our goal of
becoming the undisputed leader in
all our locations of presence and to
make positive impact, Execution must
become our culture and not just a
nice-to-have value.
From the different cascade sessions
and releases, we have outlined our
three-pronged plan centred on
People, Process and Technology.
I have been privileged to receive
positive feedback from many of you
describing how ready you are to
contribute towards the success of UBA.
However, our Employers (Customers)
will only appreciate us when our plans
are implemented. The market will only
reward those ideas that eventually
get transformed into reality. Our desire
therefore, is to have a Workforce that
will not only focus on things to be done
but will be committed to getting them
Your responsibility is not just to send
that email, your job is done when you
get the feedback from the recipient
that your request has been attended
to. It should become a norm that
you will not just pass on tasks and
requests, but that you will continually
interrogate and irritate the system until
the Customer is served.
You exhibit the UBA DNA when you
- Get things done
- Get things done now (immediately)
- Get things done very well
- Follow up and follow through on
- Leave no stone unturned
Again, theseattributes are synonymous
with a workforce of High Performance
Organisations (HPOs) and we are
committed to building the same at
I want to challenge you once more
to relentlessly strive to do better
and affirm our Corporate essence:
Excellent Service… Delivered.
Thank you,
Dear Colleagues
nce again, I want to
appreciate the dedication
and commitment of everyone
to the progress made so far. Our Bank
has continued to grow, recording
impressive performance during
the half year in which we beat our
earlier run rates across several line
items especially with double digit
top and bottom line growth of 35%
year on year and 56% year on year
respectively ahead of our estimates at
the end of last year.
This strong showing only reinforces our
belief that if we focus on the important
aspects of our relationship with the
Customer (Customer Intimacy), we will
achieve the goals that we set for
ourselves either as individuals or as a
In the last two editions, I highlighted
the first two cornerstones of our Core
Values as an Institution which will drive
our behaviour going into the future.
We defined and described what
mean to
us at the United Bank for Africa (UBA)
This quarter, we will conclude the
discussion on the Core Values with the
last of the three Es,
Execution is the bridge that links
Planning to Result. Through Execution,
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